Welcome – Join me on a Journey

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Welcome – Join me on a Journey


At last, its here.  A huge big thank-you to everyone who helped and supported in making this dream finally come true.

A new world just opened up for me.   First of all, I’ve had to learn so many new skills, shift my mindset several times, be open to approaches I initially could not identify with, and learn to have the patience of Saint WordPress.  Yes, one or two pages might be a bit ropey.  Yes, there are loads of things we can (and will) add in to make shirleysmithart.com even better step by step.

Like all new things in life – I believe the important thing is to make a start.  Take a step in the right direction.  Many small steps will lead to something bigger.  Right now – I have no idea how much you will choose to join in, explore and be inspired.  Right now – I have no idea what awesome opportunities will stem from making this first step.    Right now – it feels more like a giant leap of faith.  Time will tell.  If we don’t try we will never know.

Some might say that any website is only as good as its ability to meet the needs of people like you – the viewer.  Please please do give us feedback on the techy stuff – like the pages, pictures and links downloading and working well for you.  Please please do give us feedback on the blogs – that what’s in there is relevant and of value?  Please please do give us feedback on how the paintings make you feel on viewing them, the themes and color palates.  Our facebook page is an ideal space to post your comments, thoughts and likes.

Online Shop Open Now

The online boutique shop is now open.  In the boutique space you are able to discover my paintings in a range of formats and price points.   For those who are quick – the one off -original art.  There are also options to access canvas prints, fine art gallery quality giclee prints as well as some very trendy new formats on metal or plexiglass for those looking for a more contemporary feel.

You are always free to choose to view and enjoy my paintings online .    Maybe you will be inspired to have your very own happy and calming thought provoking painting adding to the ambiance of your own private space.

Now – wouldn’t that be a happy thought?  Enjoy

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  1. Shirley Smith
    January 13, 2014

    Thanks Margaret …. some more new paintings coming very soon – cheers Shirley


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