Shared a room with a passionate man in Mayfair last week

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Shared a room with a passionate man in Mayfair last week

Thought that might get your attention.  It was a bit of a surprise to me too as I had not quite expected what I got.  Keep an open mind Shirley – who knows where this might lead.

A whirlwind swept onto the stage and the audiences’ attention with it – I am guessing there were about 60 of us at The Marketing Academy event.  You could have heard a pin drop as Jeremy told his story.  We were all concentrating really hard as he speaks pretty fast.  It’s just he is so passionate about his story and where it might lead.

We start with an easy question.  How did Mothers Day get to be Mothers Day?  Good question ….. and the topic of another blog.  For now, it’s the concept we will focus on.  Somebody somewhere had a brilliant idea that eventually everybody round the globe has heard of.  With Mothers Day or Fathers Day for that matter – we all at least think of our mums or dads and if we are still blessed with their presence here on earth – we send them a gift or a card or maybe phone them or take them out for the day.  For many this is a change of typical behavior.

Jeremy had the crazy idea – what if we have Peace Day?  Might that lead to a change of behavior too? A change of behavior that for some could be as significant as the difference between life or death.  So he rallied round some of the worlds big guys, Angelina Jolie and my favorite Scottish singer Annie Lennox and got 21 September to be the worlds official Peace Day.  A day of ceasefire and non-violence.   Soon 3 Billion people round the world will recognize this day and do peaceful things that day.   It will increasingly become a day when behavior change happens.  Naturally.  Globally.

Jeremy shared an amazing story about the impact of Peace Day in Afghanistan. It was the other less obvious aspect perhaps that made me think.  In what ways might Peace Day lead to a big difference in the quality of life for billions of ordinary people like you and me?  Not only the people caught up in war zones.

A day of peace and non-violence includes how we treat others – a day without mental, verbal or physical abuse.  It includes showing respect to the environment.  It includes being at peace with ourselves.   For when we are at peace with ourselves – we can make peace with others.

sign up with peace one day for educational resources

sign up with peace one day for educational resources

Peace One Day has multi-lingual education material for anyone who can use it with children and young people – as it is a wonderful thing when more people talk about peace and what it would mean for humanity.  There are activities to start right now – in the lead up to celebrating Peace Day.

So  ‘Who will you make peace with’?   Is there someone or a situation we will forgive for we can’t change the past.   Let-go of whatever it is that keeps our relationship or the situation stuck?   We can  move on, be more contented and choose to live in peace?  Powerful stuff.  Jeremy Gilley you are an amazing man.

Will unveil my first Peace One Day painting on Sunday 21 September2014. What will you do?  Here are some ideas.

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