The Three Sisters on a Misty Morning

The Three Sisters on a Misty Morning

On the three sister mountain range glencoe

The mountains of Glencoe are built from some of the oldest rock in the world.  Three great truncated spurs are known as the Three Sisters of Glencoe.  The first historical figure connected with Glencoe was Fingal, one of our greatest Celtic heros.

This is a place of mystique and magic.  Hardly surprising that Harry Potter should spend some of his time in and around this special place.  Both the lad and the land with their turbulent pasts.

But you know what, today these three sisters have the freedom of the Glen.  They can roam and wander wherever their fancy takes them.  They have the wind in their hair and heather underfoot.  Carefree and all the time in the world to take in the views and dream up their own magic.   Sometimes the mist hangs in the air so thickly it is easy for it to play tricks with your imagination and concept of time.

What on earth are they dreaming and talking about do you think?

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  1. Richard smith
    April 10, 2015

    We saw your painting of 3 sisters in Mrs Macintyres in Edinburgh and was wondering if you have it for sale and does it come in various sizes? My wife really liked the colours in it