There is something very magestic about tulips. If you look into the history of tulips and tulip mania of the early 1600s – you’d understand why they have gained this status. Did you know that in days gone by …. Tulips were so valuable they were traded on the exchanges of many dutch cities? There were many bright yellow ones in my onetime cottage garden in Scotland. They had obviously been there for many years and had grown into clumps of around a dozen strong flowers.

The perspective of the white flowers from my birhday bouquet is a much closer one this time. You can imagine my surprise when all of a sudden a fairy appeared almost slap bang in the middle of this painting. I did not plan her in …. she just appeared by magic. Some say she brought her friends with her and they are hiding in other parts of the picture ….. do you see any of them? Might Shaylee bring some magic into wherever you bring her? Shaylee is the Celtic/Gaelic name for ‘Fairy Princess of the Field’. Just the perfect name for her don’t you think?

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