Lovely Day West

Lovely Day West

Lovely Day consists of two paintings that go together as a Diptych.  Or – if you prefer or have only space for one – both Lovely Day East and Lovely Day West can stand alone as a single painting.  That’s the way each artwork is designed to work flexibly either way.


A diptych is a painting which is split into 2 panels. My friend Sue said she and her family often likes to hang two paintings side by side and that gave me the inspiration to give this a go as our first Diptych in the Happy Birthday series. As I started to sketch out the composition Bill Withers and Lovely Day came on my playlist. It was just the perfect upbeat feeling I needed and hit the repeat button. It must have played at least 10 times over as I worked out the composition. These lines just seem to fit perfectly …

Then I look at you
And the world’s alright with me
Just one look at you
And I know it’s gonna be
A lovely day …….

You might have notice some birds sneaked in there. Lovely Day was the lead song from the Bill Withers 1977 Album Menagerie. A menagerie is ‘an establishment of luxury and curiosity’ which was often the home to small birds and animals. Five birds find their home across the two paintings. Can you see them? Hiding in amongst the blossoms from my birthday bouquet.

Feel free to chose a painting on its own – or perhaps this might also be your first Diptych (a great word for scrabble players).

Take a closer look at the fine details of Lovely Day West below …. to check out Lovely Day East – click to the next picture in the gallery

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