There is something very special and magestic about Highland Cattle and I never stop being surprised by the number of people who have a soft spot for them. Last Summer I visited a very special Highland Cattle show at Pollok Park in Glasgow. Pollok Park is one of the top 10 visitor destinations in Glasgow. The City of Glasgow International Highland Cattle Society event is held there every September. Talking of people with a soft spot for these magnificant beasts – Even Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II has a fold of them at the Barmoral Estate. I have named this girl Morag MacDougal of Mellon Udrigle. Morag being the most perfect of names for a highland ‘coo’.

Her coat also brings back fond memories of Dougal the dog in the 60’s & 70’s cult BBC childrens program ‘The Magic Roundabout’. The beach in the far distance of the painting was inspired by Mellon Udrigle in Wester Ross in the Highlands of Scotland. White sand travels there from the Carribean – transported by the gulf stream. It is a very remote and beautiful spot. The light there is very special and transforms to give many different moods. We tried to capture this with different lighting giving us very different feels to Morag MacDougal of Mellon Udridgle. Which one speaks to you? I plan to paint a family for Morag …. Highland Cattle, like people, are social animals and much prefer to be part of a family or fold. Or could she join yours?