Birthdays are about transitions – from one year to the next – from one phase of life to the next.

Sometimes birthdays mark a time when we reflect about how we would like things to go on. More of the same or something different.

As a coach, I frequently came across people who knew something had to change. That life would be better for being brave enough to face whatever it is that is holding us back or stopping us from leading a joyful and fulfilled life.

The tricky part is – that facing up to that something can sometimes be daunting. Details are missing about how it will all work out. We are faced with being open to new possibilities and trusting that everything will work out fine. Push open the Green Door and find yourself in another place.

Green Door

Green Door

Green Door sung by Shakin Stevens was a favorite dance floor number for many in the 70s. It was one of the songs that could get even the most reluctant of disco dancers up and out of their seats. I am sure few of us were aware of the meaning behind the words in the song. There is no connection to that meaning here unless you want it to.

For me it is just about the happy thoughts that come to mind when remembering younger days dancing and singing with friends.