five sisters of kintail

five sisters of kintail

Something promising ahead

We’ve just said ‘au revoir’ to our two younger sisters.  They’re off to a new home with two fine looking fellas.  We’re on a promise that something good awaits us ahead.

Legend has it that two daughters of a local farmer in these Clan Macrae and Clan Mackenzie grounds asked a local wizard to turn them into mountains to preserve their beauty whilst they waited on their promised husbands arriving.  The mountains, with their heads in the clouds.

Perhaps when we put responsibility for our happiness into someone elses hands / like the sisters, we might wait for a very long time and be disappointed or our hearts turned to stone.

On the other hand, picture this.  The sisters in this painting have decided to take another path.  Head into the wind and seek out what they are looking for and make it happen for themselves.  Would that be a happy thought – to rewrite your own life legend and make things work out the way you’d like them to?


How would you write the next chapter to this story?