Celtic Red Door

Now this is an interesting painting. There is so much to tell. It is number 11 in the Happy Birthday Series and followed on from Rose Gateway.

I felt there was more to be said with this concept and some new elements crept in. Do you see the cat in the bottom left hand corner? In ancient Celtic traditions, the cat represents the guardian of the Otherworld. As you might know – cats pretty much do as they please. They are independent and have a habit of wandering off to unknown places. This one knows what’s behind the red door. Cats are secretive though – they keep their knowledge to themselves. This cat intuitively knows what is the clever and intelligent thing to do. They also know exactly the right time to do it.

Next comes the little yellow bird in the middle of the painting. Watching and waiting for the right moment to fly through the doorway should it open to her. Yellow birds are symbolic of joy, happiness and freedom to choose.

There are a few thistles – reminding me of my homeland and the transition Scotland is going through right now. No-one knows yet how things will work out. Will we stay where we are or enter another realm that we have no real way of knowing unless we cross that threshold? Or will people choose to stay in the familiar world and keep things as things are?

The red door makes us think of lots of different things perhaps. In Feng Shui – red doors bring good luck and are welcoming. A red door is also symbolic of protection (you might notice that church doors are often painted red). In Scotland – painting your front door red was a message to all that the owners had finally paid off their mortgage and were now debt free.

There is a lot going on in this painting once you take a closer look or ponder its meaning relative to your own situation. Enjoy. Happy thoughts.