brodies sisters edited

Brodies’ Sisters – A weird Discovery?

Shakespeare found one too

Have you ever experienced something strange and yet it turned out to be a delightful surprise?  ….. This kind of situation was on my mind … the addition of the moon and moonlight adds to the mystery.   Some people believe much is revealed by full moons.

The weird thing was that as this painting evolved, layer by layer, these three highland girls reminded me increasingly of the 3 witches in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Most of Scotland’s witches were really kind and caring people who had learned ways to work in tandem with nature.  Feeling  threatened, some in positions of power – both from the kirk and the crown found ways to illicit fear of these ladies in others and then play the hero or rescuer role by purging these allegedly fearsome girls from the neighborhood.  Mary Queen of Scots son, King James I & VI was particularly paranoid about the powers of alleged witches and paid clan McKenzie handsomely to rid the country of these so called ‘evil’ girls.

Painting the finishing touches to this painting, I was astonished to see the face of Shakespeare’s Macbeth emerge in the moonlight aside these 3 sisters.

Brodie is located between Forres and Nairn, East of Inverness.  It is believed that Macbeth had his encounter with the sisters prophesying at Brodie.  Brodie also has a castle, the ancestral grounds of Clan Brodie.  The Brodies are thought to have been an important Pictish family.  Part of the Brodie lands were originally Temple Lands owned by the order of the Knights Templar.