On making dreams come true …. In Venice & Inverness

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On making dreams come true …. In Venice & Inverness

Imagine if all our wildest dreams come true. Is that then a life fulfilled? And as we travel fulfilling our own dreams do we also have a duty as caring human beings to help others live their dreams too?

view from kyle of lochalsh viewpoint

from Kyle of Lochalsh viewpoint

A few days ago my son and I took the morning train from Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh. It’s one of Scotland’s most scenic highland train rides. A joyful journey admiring the views and chatting away. Special moments to share. My son spoke with excitement about his forthcoming year long trip to Canada and, like thousands of Scots before him, would leave his homeland and travel West in search of adventure and new experiences. I am proud I could help make that dream come true.

a dream visit

a dream visit

A few months back I finally made one of my own dreams come true – a visit to Venice. Arriving by overnight train at San Marco Station, stepping out onto the banks of the Grand Canal in the early morning sunshine. It’s another world. For me a Sophie’s World moment – a time travel journey to a place and time that shaped the worlds we live in today.

Venice has it all. Art and architecture old and new, music, movie-sets and markets as well as the colourful place from where confident traders and Marco Polo types set out in search of adventure and new experiences. And just as in Inverness, by being there, now part of that story.

Both of these experiences made massive impressions on me. One by its natural beauty. One by its man-made magnificence. Happily there are frequent reminders of these special places. It’s amazing how both Scottish scenery and the waterways of Venice appear in almost every second travel magazine and travel agent posters. A fleeting glimpse of either sparks a memory and happy thoughts.

taken at Guggenheim Venice

Shirley at Guggenheim Museum Venice

I believe art can do that too.

You never know, someone out there may dream of owning a unique piece of wallart – for its own sake or to help preserve a happy memory.

Yes, sometimes artists make some dreams come true and keep happy memories alive. And you?

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