New Years Resolution – Get Painting

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New Years Resolution – Get Painting

New Year Resolution – book self onto painting course.  Tick.  Done – and we’re only 12 days into January!

There is something joyous in achieving what you set out to achieve.  A big tick in the ‘feel good factor’ box.

Perhaps you, like me, want to master a craft.   That means continuous learning and experimenting with new and different approaches.  So – what you waiting for?

I was fortunate to have a program in mind.  A week long course on impressionist painting.  Whilst I absolutely love the works of the great impressionist masters; Manet, Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, Sisley and Degas, I do not try to copy that style directly into my own works.  However, I do know that this course will stretch my thinking and I will be able to adapt color combinations and techniques into my own style of abstract and semi-abstract painting.  This will be my forth visit to a JoeDaisy course and my second trip to the studio in Marbella, Spain.

But what if your new years resolution is to get started with painting for yourself?  Or turn an occasional pastime into a serious hobby?  Perhaps Santa brought you a box of new paints that are desperate to dance across the canvas or paper with you.

There are lots to choose from.  Online programs, day classes, night school classes or weekend and weekend long classes like those at Joedaisy and other painting schools.   Half an  hour online and you might well just find something that meets your needs.  I find attending a class has added benefits – I meet interesting like-minded people and I often learn a lot from their mistakes and successes alike.

If attending a class is a step too far right now – your local library will have lots of books and DVDs.  Youtube also has lots of ‘how to’ videos.  It was whilst doing my own research into impressionist painting technique that I stumbled upon  Wills’ style is very easy to follow and I could imagine his basic online course on color would be a great place to start for total newbies.

I am a great fan of Michael Heppell, author of best selling titles like ‘How to be brilliant’ and ‘Flip it’.  According to Michael, one characteristic of ‘Brilliant People’ compared to those who just talk about it or watch others is that they take ‘massive action’.

Massive Action = Massive Results

So what you waiting for?  Imagine this time next week when you’ve moved things forward for yourself.  How brilliant would that be?favicon

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