Big Milestone Achieved

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Big Milestone Achieved

Lets Celebrate!

Yes, its celebration time.  It’s taken a while.    Just like the medal winners at the Winter Olympics – perseverance sometimes eventually pays off.  It has taken me 150 days to get here.

And the big milestone we reached this week is ……

shirleysmithart is now on one of the fastest growing online art portals around.

New to the idea of buying art online? 

Can you imagine that literally millions of people around the globe are now checking out art online with a view to getting inspiration or making a purchase to individualize their own home or office space.  At first I could not believe the numbers to be so large.  A few minutes checking out some of the main online art sites with google tools confirmed the numbers.  We now easily buy shoes, bags, watches, phones and sofas online.  The next thing we are buying online is art.

And just like the choice of shoes, bags, watches, phones or sofas – for many our artwork is part of the statement we want to make about who we are.   It’s part of what makes us ‘us’.

It might be a surprise to learn that the number 1 retailer of art in many parts of the globe is …..yes, believe it or not, its Ikea.  I like Ikea art too.  Perhaps it’s safe to buy what everybody else is buying.  Absolutely perfect if you like to be part of the ‘me too’ crowd, on a small budget or looking for a cheap accessory for this years interior color scheme.

For independent minded folks, perhaps artwork that evokes a special memory, story or emotion to the owner is more the thing.

shopping for art

for masters of interior design – its so easy – online shopping

As masters of interior design in our own homes, we carefully choose each and every item to create our most cherished personal comfort zone.  We consciously choose our artwork the same way as we choose our curl-up-in comfortible sofa.  Considered.  Thoughtfully.  So we feel good about our choice and sharing our space with it for a very long time.

When it comes to buying art – Is walking into an art gallery a step to far for some?  Whether it is or whether it isn’t now we have a very accessible alternative.  Buy our art online.

Shopping for art online we can check out options in a safe place.  Imagine, ponder and make a choice, pay and display.  All very relaxed really.   With a glass of wine in hand to sitting in our PJs.

Right now – I’m singing along to that all time good mood number Celebration by Kool and the Gang –(if you clicked the link – Don’t you just love those dance moves?)   I’m celebrating being part of this new online art world.

Go on – give it a try.  What have you got to loose?   Its a new world – join me?

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