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Hi and welcome to my studio!

Here I am doing what I love to do. For now, I am very lucky to have the use of part of the attic space above my flat. Catch a glimpse of the wonderful view I have out of the small window overlooking the Traunsee and the Dachstein mountains beyond. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to enjoy this view and never cease to be amazed by the natural beauty all around.

Here you can see me at work and play – my materials are mainly Amersterdam and Golden Acrylics. I have a stack of old white porcelain plates and bowls that I use for mixing and creating the palates I am using for the day. Just out of camera is my Jawbone speaker – which is always playing the radio or my playlist whilst I paint. I deliberately chose music which fits the painting – I always have scottish music on when I paint scenes linked to back home.

I was born in Dundee, Scotland and grew up in a small mining community south of Edinburgh. From there I went on to study at Heriot Watt University at a time when the lectures were held in the historic Grassmarket area of the old town just behind Edinburgh Castle. From there I studied further for a year in Aberdeen where I had my real chance to explore the Highlands and the rugged East Coast of Scotland shoreline.

With a love for all things creative – I have painted and experimented with colour since I was a young child. In lifes’ great adventure – I have worked in the USA, across Europe and more recently in China and Indonesia. I love to travel, meet people, explore and try to understand what shapes their lives and environment. I have a great love of gardens and natural woodlands which is often reflected in my organic abstract and semi-abstract paintings. Some years back I took a course in landscape garden design in Edinburgh. This taught me much about structure and form with plants.

aboutI currently live and work in the Alps of Upper Austria close to Salzburg and continue to travel and explore the marvels of the world as much as possible.

I am so fortunate that my career has given me opportunities to travel the world and meet so many wonderful people and visit so many wonderful places. Each person or place triggers memories and feelings which I can draw on as inspiration for elements of my paintings.

My paintings hang in private collections in Austria, England, Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Scotland and Spain.

When I paint I feel happy and I lose all sense of time. I hope the colours, compositions and mood of the pictures makes others feel good too. Raise a smile and have a happy thought

Some things are more tricky to capture in a painting – like the kindness people have shown, friendship and support through lifes’ ups and downs. Other strong emotions are the millions of ‘good laughs’ we’ve shared, a brilliant sense of ‘team’ and ‘pride’ as I have watched others grow their confidence and abilities through working together.